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Success is the realisation of a worthwhile dream, this dream is different for all of us and can vary from monetary wealth to attaining knowledge.  For some people financial success is the big dream, this can be simply making enough money to pay all the bills on time and have a few dollars to put aside for a rainy day, holiday or a child's college education, for others that they have enough to retire on without having to rely on the government.  Then there are those at the other end of the scale where financial success means having more than they need, a big house, several properties, cars, boats and even air planes.


Then there are people who see success on a different level, not so much as financial but personal, physical, sporting,  spiritual and how they affected the lives of others for the better or even how large of a family they have and the legacy they leave.  We all have different abilities, talents and skills and should do the best we can with them and always try to push beyond those thresholds (Not limits).


Either way you look at it, it is different for all of us and we should never judge people on what they do or don't have, the important thing is that we have goals to aim for and that we do whatever we can to achieve them as long as we don't take advantage of others or do the wrong thing by them. 


Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard we try we are unable to achieve our goals and dreams, the most important thing is that we don't let it get us down, sometimes we need to stop and look at where we are at and reassess our dreams and goals to make them more achievable, or maybe we need to ask for advice from a good friend or mentor, a mentor being someone who is interested in helping you with being successful in your own life.  The best advice you will receive is from someone who has been where you are at and has succeeded.











These are my thoughts on success gathered from my experiences and beliefs, if you disagree with what you have read then that is your right.  We should all have our own opinions on all things whilst allowing everyone the right to express theirs without denial of validity.


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