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Success:- Don't let it get away from you because you are too 
busy doing your books!!!!!


You are in business to make money.  Don't waste your precious time and
get yourself frustrated or even worse take yourself away from your family
by trying to make sense of your books. 


You are the biggest asset your business has and the best way to grow your
business is for you to work at doing what you do best. 


Too many business fall by the wayside because the owner of the business is
running them selves ragged trying to do everything, then when the opportunity
comes for the business to grow or to step up to the next challenge they are to
tied up in paperwork to take advantage of it.


Don't turn an Asset into a Liability!





About us :-


Luigi Bonacci started as an independent bookkeeper in January 2005 after finishing 5 Yrs employment with Peechelba Beef, located in North East Victoria, previous to that he worked for various other companies including the department of Human Services in Victoria and Bluegum Technologies (IBM) all of which are located in and around Wangaratta in N E Victoria.  Previous to this Luigi was living in and traveling around Europe basing himself in London where like many other Aussie back packers worked as a temp for several business around London, one of the more significant companies was Westminster HealthCare, a private company that focused itself in Nursing Homes, at the time the company had over 120 nursing homes throughout the UK.


During his early years of employment he was unsure as to which career path to follow but found that he had a talent for bookkeeping and was quick to pick things up and understand them, so when the opportunity arose to set up a business as an independent contract bookkeeper he took the bull by the horns and ran for it.  After a short period of working from home Luigi sub let an office with Marsden & Mcdonald Financial Service at 9 Ely St. Wangaratta.  This turned out to be a positive decision and helped the business to grow in leaps and bounds, from the contacts made through this new location some important new client associations were formed, one of which was with Ito En Australia Pty Ltd 

Ito En being Japans largest Green tea manufacturer, employing Luigi as their bookkeeper for their Australian operation located in Wangaratta, the original appointment was for 3 Months but they soon realized the value that he brought to the company and asked him to stay on longer and eventually by the time he left it was after 1 1/2 years, after helping the company to improve its accounting processes and putting into place procedures for the company to work efficiently.


Our company is constantly looking for ways to improve our professionalism and knowledge, as part of this we have affiliated ourselves with some of the industries leading associations and business software manufacturers.

We are an affiliate member of the Association of Accounting Technicians as well as being a Professional partner bookkeeper of both Quickbooks and MYOB and can offer a professional service that is flexible to suit any business structure and requirements.

Other accounting packages used are Bizware, SUN, Coda, SAP, The Care Manager as well as the usual Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word, Outlook, Publisher, Power point.)




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